You Won’t Believe the Unusual Name This Woman Chose for Her Baby

A woman has taken to Reddit, airing her worries regarding the name her cousin has chosen for her unborn child, which she firmly believes could subject the child to future ridicule.

Naming a baby can be a long and involved process, with parents usually dedicating a substantial amount of time to finding that ideal name. However, once they have made up their minds, it can be a challenging task to dissuade them.

This is the scenario that a Reddit user found herself in when she attempted to convince her cousin to reconsider the chosen name for her baby, which she described as the worst name she had ever come across. In her Reddit post, she wrote, “My cousin, who’s expecting a baby girl in July, has been giving us hints about her chosen name throughout her pregnancy.

“Her hints suggested something like, ‘Children bring this’. My initial guess was a commonplace name like Hope, thinking children bring hope to the world.

“Yet, no one in the family (including myself, my mom, and siblings) was ready for what she actually had in mind.”

She went on to reveal that her cousin intended to name her baby Light Bringer, intending to use Brings as a nickname.

“I genuinely thought she was kidding, but she was serious. I decided to video call my cousin and kindly suggest her to reconsider the name,” she continued.

“I proposed some alternate names, but she remained adamant. I informed her that the name Lucifer also translates to Light Bringer, but that didn’t seem to phase her.

“I learned that she had considered other names initially. These names, including Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Starr, seem more acceptable than Light Bringer.

“When I asked her why she didn’t go for these names, she just shrugged it off.”

In a different attempt, the woman informed her cousin that she had taken the baby’s name dilemma to Reddit, inviting users to voice their opinions on the matter.

After revealing the public’s views, she found herself ostracized from her family for alleged “jealousy” towards the unborn child.

She further added, “Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t thrilled. Currently, I’ve been asked to distance myself from her family until things cool down.

“Her mother, siblings, and husband are also rather displeased with me now.

“I was about to delete my initial post, but then my cousin insinuated that I was envious of her because I (being infertile) cannot have children. I reassured her that this wasn’t a case of jealousy.

“I simply conveyed that I don’t believe Light Bringer is a suitable name for a person. But then again, it’s her prerogative to name her child as she sees fit.”

Responding to her post, one user commented, “At least the name isn’t spelled as Lyghte Bryngerr or something of that sort. Although, that might actually be an improvement.”

Another user advised, “Just be supportive of the child when she faces troubles at school and try to curb the ‘I told you so’ urge.”

A third user opined, “It’s a regrettable name choice, and the child will likely face schoolyard bullying. However, it’s not your place to intervene unless asked to give your opinion.

“Your cousin is completely out of line (and is potentially jeopardizing her child’s childhood) for dragging your infertility into the discussion. The name choice is terrible and ill-conceived.”

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