This Simple Hack Removes Stains From Tupperware

A mother from Texas has disclosed a ‘remarkable’ trick for eradicating stubborn stains from Tupperware.

Ariganja, a mother of one, frequently shares snippets of her daily life through her TikTok channel, where she has amassed an audience of over 20,000 followers.

Recently, she shared a cleaning technique for reusable food containers that astounded the internet community.

In a clip that has now garnered over 660,000 views, the solo parent unveils her ‘phenomenal’ method that effortlessly removes stains from Tupperware.

‘So, I’m going to impart a piece of wisdom that my friend’s grandmother shared with me many years ago,’ she began, showcasing a container marred by tomato sauce stains.

Despite her best efforts at washing, she revealed that the stain remained stubbornly in place.

‘So, let me demonstrate my approach,’ she continued.

The first step is to partially fill the Tupperware with warm water.

Next, mix in some dish soap.

Tear a paper towel into about four pieces and place them in the container.

Seal the container with the lid and shake vigorously. Upon opening the lid, the stain will have vanished.

‘And then you are left with a completely pristine container,’ she proudly declared, showing off the gleaming Tupperware.

Viewers flocked to the comments section to commend the mother for her insightful tip.

One viewer confirmed: ‘Can attest to this method. I don’t even use that much water. It’s truly impressive!’

Another fan chimed in: ‘Genius.’

‘Pure magic,’ remarked another.

Yet another comment read: ‘Tupperware sorcery!’

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