10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Human Body

1. Every single baby starts off with blue eyes

Did you know that to start with every single baby originally has blue eyes. The colour of your eyes comes a little bit later… and today we have such a wide range of coloured eyes that we can have. From blue eyes and brown eyes to hazel eyes, green eyes and even grey eyes!


2. On average it is estimated that there are a massive 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body

To put that into perspective, it would only take four humans blood vessels spread out to make it to the moon. That is a ridiculous distance away and seems unbelievable!


3. In the morning, when you wake up, you are 1cm taller than you will be when you go to bed

The reason for this is that the joint capsules lose some of their synovial fluid. This decreases your size slightly. Not only this, but the connective tissues that help your joints become more and more compressed throughout the day. This is because of the stress of the days activities and also because they try to counter the affects on your body from gravity.


4. You are more likely to have a bad dream when you’re in a cold room

You are more likely to relate the coldness to negative things than when you are in a warm room. Your body is already uncomfortable with the cold and this can link to bad dreams.


5. The human brain generates more electrical impulses per day than all the telephones in the world combined

We like to think that we are extremely advanced in the world of technology. But, what we fail to understand is that the human body is actually so much more advanced than we could ever imagine.


6. A human baby has over sixty more bones than an adult

When you are born you have a massive sixty more bones in your body than when you are an adult! This is extremely fascinating and helps you understand why babies bodies are so fragile!


7. Human beings are the only living animals that sleep on their back

We all have a very different way of sleeping, some of us prefer to sleep on our fronts where others prefer to sleep on our sides. However, we are actually the only animals that can sleep on our backs. Many people find this unnatural and not comfy at all, but others really enjoy sleeping on their backs. There’s a link between sleeping on your back and snoring loudly… so, if you’re a loud snorer then maybe see if you’re sleeping on your back or not!

We hope you enjoyed these facts and learning a little more about the human body! If you learnt something new, remember to share with your friends!


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