The Surprising Effects Of Eating Celery For A Week

Celery is one of those foods, you either love it or you hate it  – a little like Marmite really. To me, it’s just a long, green, horrible tasting vegetable that’s always on the dinner table at every buffet you go to, next to the hummus and carrot sticks. Who in their right mind would rather eat a celery stick with hummus than a nice bread stick or cracker?

BUT, celery carries some amazing health benefits! Everyone seems to be on a health kick at the moment, so why not give it a try again if you’re one of those people who’s always said you hate celery, this article might just change your mind…

For instance, did you know that it makes your eyes brighter, tighter and more youthful looking? 

Vitamin A: 

Celery is absolutely FULL of Vitamin A and just one stick of celery will provide you with 10% of your daily need for Vitamin A. So imagine how much you’d get from munching on a few sticks?

Vitamin A protects your eyes and prevents age-related degeneration of vision. Eating celery every day will give you whiter, brighter eyes and could even help to improve your vision.

But this isn’t the only health benefit…

For example, celery can de-bloat you and reduce your blood pressure as well as detox your whole body. Oh, and it’s seriously low in calories (which is always a plus, isn’t it!)

Treats bad cholesterol: 

The taste and aroma of celery are due to an ingredient known as butylphthalide which reduces LDL, bad cholesterol – which leads to high blood pressure so if you eat just 2 sticks a day, it can reduce your LDL up to 7%.

Helps digestion: 

Celery is the perfect diuretic. It’s full of water and insoluble fibre and it will make you go to the toilet on a regular basis, so if you suffer from any bowel issues, celery is the perfect food to be eating to regulate your stool.

Supports your eye health: 

A lot of us have to wear glasses all day every day so you don’t want your eye sight getting any worse, do you! A celery stick provides you with 10% of your daily Vitamin A which protects your vision. It’s also full of polyphenol and phytonutrients which keeps your vision at 20/20.

Helps you lose weight: 

A stick of celery is only 10 calories and it’s full of water, so eating celery will, in fact, make you lose weight, not put it on. The water in the celery will keep you feeling fuller for longer which will stop you snacking or binging out.

Alleviates and relieves inflammation: 

It successfully relieves inflammation and relieves joint pain as it’s rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. It’s also great for asthma sufferers and treats acne because it contains salicylic acid which removes follicular clog. A lot of athletes eat celery to give them energy and it helps with water retention.

Reduces stress: 

Celery is rich in magnesium and is known to reduce stress. It’s also high in essential oils as well and the vegetable will soothe the nervous system and will help you fall asleep easily. So if you’re having a bad day, munch on a few sticks of celery & it’ll de-stress you. It’s also important to have regular pH levels in order to avoid acidic build up. Anyone suffering from acid reflux or similar problems should eat celery on a daily basis.

It improves your sex life:

Celery is high in two sex pheromones, androstenone and androstenol which are released while chewing. This will significantly boost your arousal levels. So if you’re feeling sluggish, munch on a stick of celery, it will improve your sex life.

Fights cancer: 

Celery has a flavonoid called Luteolin which delays the formation of breast cancer cells and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially in the case of the pancreas and colorectal cancer. Celery is a proven food to delay the risk of cancer so make sure you always have it in your fridge.

The darker the colour of celery, the stronger the taste will be, so if you’re buying celery for the health factors and not the taste, then make sure you’re buying a light one.

For best effects, steam your celery and you will manage to preserve its taste as well as 99% of the nutrients. The nutrients also stay better preserved when you chop it up while fresh and store it in the fridge.

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