This Dog Kept Running To The Water To Help An Animal In Need

We all know that dogs are some of the most amazing creatures to walk the planet. Not only do they offer us the type of unconditional love that we all crave, but they are also able to give us the companionship and loyalty that has allowed them to assume the role of man’s best friend.

They’re equipped with a sixth sense that the majority of humans don’t possess. That’s why there are so many stories about dogs who have placed themselves in harms way in order to rescue humans who were in need of their help.

If you ever had any sort of doubt in your mind as to just how amazing a dog can be, this video will remove it completely. Not only are dogs willing to assist us when we are in need, but their helpful instincts have been known to spread to other species as well. A baby dolphin just so happened to be the lucky recipient this time around.

When this man was walking his dog (named Leia) on a beach in Wales, UK, he could not understand why the animal continued to make her way towards the water. As it turns out, she’d sensed that the baby dolphin was in danger and wanted to help the stranded baby make its way back into the sea.

This moment was such a touching one for Leia and her owner. They dubbed the baby dolphin “Buddy” and thanks to Leia’s determination to make sure that her owner heeded her pleas, the baby dolphin was able to survive. Who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t come along?




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