This 2p hack makes glass oven doors shine ‘like new’

This technique ensures to tackle even the worst oven stains without breaking the bank. The method involves some manual labour, but is said to work wonders

Cleaning the oven is often a task that many dread, given its laborious and time-consuming nature. Continual neglect over weeks or even months, results in more noticeable stains tarnishing the oven’s glass door.

As the residue accumulates, it becomes even more challenging to clean the oven, thus frequent cleaning is advised. However, if you’re looking for a swift and inexpensive solution, one amazing cleaning hack has been shared.

In a facebook group, this woman’s suggestion was met by a lot of interest. In her post, she shared that her oven door was initially brown with grime, but her method worked so well that she was in shock!

She said, “I used a single dishwasher tablet, and it did the job perfectly, leaving my oven looking brand new.

“I’m actually surprised!! The effort required was minimal. My arms were not tired after cleaning. It worked wonders.”

She mentioned, “Dishwasher tablets make the task much easier on the arms, just dampen the surface and scrub with the tablet. Simple”

In the comments, one user said, “I usually resort to a mixture of dish soap, bleach, and hot water for most of my cleaning tasks.”

Another added, “Hot soapy water is my go-to solution for cleaning all parts of my oven.”

However, another confirmed the dishwasher tablet hack, “Amazing. I find that dishwasher tablets are fantastic for a variety of cleaning tasks. I swear by them. This is great work.”

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