Think Your Kitchen Scourer Is Clean? Think Again!

Many people across the world regularly buy and use kitchen scourers, in fact you’ve probably got one sitting on your draining board right now haven’t you?

Well, we’re sorry to tell you that instead of being a clean item in your kitchen that helps things get cleaner, your scourer is infact one of the filthiest things in your house, and it’s impossible to clean them!

In a study from Scientific reports, it was found that most people change their scourers on a monthly basis and that common cleaning methods such as boiling water and microwave have no effect in terms of cleaning the sponge itself.

They found that the sponges were filled with a bacteria known as Gammaproteobacteria, including pathogens linked to food poisoning, cholera, and even the plague – although the risk of you contracting these from your dirty sponges is relatively low.

The researchers also noted that the porous nature of sponges makes them the perfect place to incubate microorganisms.

Kitchen sponges, they explain, have the ‘capability to collect and spread bacteria with a probable pathogenic potential’, and are the ‘biggest reservoirs of active bacteria in the whole house.


So, what can you do about this? The answer is pretty simple. Just remember to replace your kitchen sponges on a weekly basis, you may go through more scourers but at least you’ll know that the scourers you’re using are clean!


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