They Saw A Child Studying In The Street Late At Night. Look What Happened Next…

One evening in the Philippines, medical student Joyce Torrefranca was walking home from class when she spotted something out of place. A young boy was studying in the light of a McDonalds restaurant, doing his homework. The 9 year old was called Daniel Cabrera, she was so touched that she took a photo and shared it to her Facebook page.

The photo soon went viral with hundreds of thousands of people commenting and wanting to help. They sent donation after donation as more of this little boys story emerged. His father had died in prison and he and his brother now lived in their mothers work stall as their house had burnt down.

The fundraised amount will now go towards an educational scholarship for Daniel. It really shows how one photo on Facebook can change the course of everything and the power of social media for good! What an inspiration Daniel is!

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