The Trend You Can’t Afford to Miss: Baby Chasers Moving Closer to Grandchildren. Find Out Why!

A new trend in retirement is on the rise – “baby chasers,” or grandparents who move to be closer to their grandchildren. According to a study, a quarter of boomers are planning to retire near their grandchildren, preferring to live close to them rather than relying on infrequent visits or long-distance communication.

Moving to the Kids

Unlike previous generations, who moved away from their children upon retirement, baby chasers are moving towards their grandchildren. Tim Sullivan, Senior Managing Principal at ValueWalk, explains that this trend is what sets boomers apart from their parents.

Impact on Housing Market

While affordability, taxes, and downsizing still play major roles in retirement moves, the popularity of relocating near grandchildren is bound to affect housing markets, senior communities, and traditional notions about retirement living. Baby chasers will likely want smaller houses when they retire, but bigger living areas, spare bedrooms, and yards for their grandchildren.

Popular Locations

The top locations for baby chasers are Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina, Austin and Dallas in Texas, and Nashville in Tennessee, all popular among young professionals and families. Traditional retirement destinations like Florida, on the other hand, tend not to attract young families, with only Tampa making it to the top 15 baby chaser locations according to ValueWalk.

More Grandparent Trends

The rise of baby chasers is not the only trend among grandparents in recent years. Some grandparents are now raising their grandchildren, while others spend a whopping $179 billion annually on their grandkids. Additionally, a study has found that grandparents who babysit their grandchild live longer.

With the rise of baby chasers, it seems that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren has never been stronger.

Research shows Grandparents who babysit a grandchild live longer!

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