The new £10 note: How to spot if yours is worth thousands

Some of the new bank notes are worth far more than £10

People can make thousands by checking the serial number on their new £10 banknotes when they’re released this week. Unique or special serial numbers can make the new Jane Austen note worth thousands, but how do you know which ones are valuable?

How do the serial numbers work?

The serial numbers show when the note was printed, with the new run of £10 notes starting with the prefix of AA01 and going up from there. The new £5 note had 60 notes printed to each sheet, meaning that the first sheet had the serial number prefixes AA01 to AA60, according to The new £10 note is slightly larger, so will only have 54 notes printed per sheet. The serial number is printed on one side of the note, the same side as Jane Austen’s face. It is two letters followed by eight numbers, running from 000001 to 999000.

Which codes will be most valuable?

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