Susanna Reid kicked in head by co-star Ed Balls on Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid jokingly admitted she wasn’t sure if she could carry on presenting Good Morning Britain after being kicked in the head. The presenter was fronting the ITV breakfast show alongside her co-host Ed Balls this morning when they got involved in a debate about putting your feet up on seats while travelling on public transport. To discuss the rights and wrongs, Susanna and Ed headed over to some GMB plane seats alongside studio guests, Kevin Maguire and right-wing pundit Andrew Pierce.

During their discussion, Susanna sat alongside Kevin on the front two seats while Ed and Andrew sat behind them. Ed swung both his feet on the back of her seat to prove the point and accidentally ended up kicking Susanna in the head.

Susanna immediately recoiled and held her head in pain. Ed quickly covered his mouth at the shock and jumped up to apologise to her and check she was ok.

“I think we’ve decided it’s not ok, there we go,” she said as she held her head, before adding: “I don’t know if I can carry on doing the programme. I’m seeing stars. That is our debate this morning, should you put your feet up on seats?”

Afterwards, Kevin tweeted: “Full of admiration for Susanna Reid soldiering on after Ed Balls kicks her in the head. Anybody know a good personal injury lawyer?”

Since Piers Morgan stepped down as her co-host, Susanna has joked she’s been on “TV Tinder” as she has been partnered with multiple co-hosts including Ed and others such as Richard Madeley and Ben Shephard.

“Now when you are presenting right now, it’s a little bit like speed dating. There has been a fair few fellas. It is TV Tinder. There’s been quite a few,” Lorraine Kelly joked before Susanna listed the people she was working with at the time.

She said: “There’s my good friend Rob Rinder, I’m normally out in Ibiza with him. There’s Ed Balls, who we know of course. Alistair Campbell as well. Richard Madeley, Adil Ray, Bill Turnbull, Richard Bacon, Martin Lewis. Where does it stop?”

“It must be quite difficult – because you’ve got to have a good rapport with someone,” Lorraine replied, as Susanna added: “Yes, and as the late great Bruce Forsyth would say, they are all my favourites, because to me, it’s important that whoever is on screen, the relationship has to work and so they are all talented in their own ways and they’ve all got a wealth of unique experience to bring to the programme and it’s a privilege working with them all.”

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