Strictly Star Len Goodman’s Cause of Death Revealed

The dance world was deeply saddened by the loss of Len Goodman, the iconic head judge of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ from 2004 to 2016. Goodman, who passed away in April at the age of 78, had his cause of death recently disclosed.

A representative for the famed dance aficionado previously confirmed that Goodman left us “peacefully over the weekend surrounded by his family.” Further reports from MailOnline suggest that Len had been receiving care at a hospice in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, after a brief battle with bone cancer.

As condolences and heartfelt tributes flooded social media platforms, the depth of Len’s impact was evident. A devoted fan expressed, “Len Goodman’s passing truly marks the end of an era. He was an integral part of the show’s golden years.” Others echoed similar sentiments, stating, “The news about Len Goodman is deeply saddening. He brought immense joy to countless viewers.”

In a recent revelation by the Daily Express, the specifics of Goodman’s health challenges were laid bare after a close look at his death certificate. The document identifies “metastatic prostate cancer” as the cause of death. Goodman underwent surgery in 2009 to remove a tumour from his prostate, and post-op, he optimistically shared that everything was “gorgeously good.” However, subsequent reports suggest the malignancy eventually spread to his bones. Cancer Research UK notes that metastatic prostate cancer, often known as advanced prostate cancer, can be particularly aggressive.

Reflecting on his illustrious career, Len Goodman reminisced about his tenure on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. “Being approached in 2004 for a fresh BBC Saturday night show was a surprise. Who would’ve guessed that I, Len Goodman, would be an integral part of this phenomenal series for over a decade?” He continued, “Embarking on this journey at 60, I felt that reaching my 70s was the right moment to pass the torch of Head Judge to another. It’s been an honour to be amidst the fabulous Strictly family, and I eagerly anticipate the forthcoming series and all that lies ahead.”

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