Short Tempered and Difficult to Work With: Royal Insider Reveals the Shocking Truth About Prince William’s Behaviour

A recently released royal book reveals that Prince William can be a challenging person to work with. According to a senior royal household figure who spoke to author Robert Jobson for the biography “Our King: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed,”

“He is a driven person and that can make him impatient,” the source continued about the newly anointed Prince of Wales, 40. The source compared him to his father, King Charles, who apparently possesses more patience.

“That can make William short-tempered when dealing with Charles,” they added. “The Boss (Charles) has a temper, too, but it does not go on and on. He can get frustrated and flare up and then, in an instant, it is forgotten about. With William, it is rarely forgotten,” the insider added.

Charles’s short fuse was on display in the days after Queen Elizabeth’s passing last September. The royal was caught having a tantrum over a leaky pen while visiting the royal residence of Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland.

Jobson also revealed that Charles has been shocked by his sons’ sometimes vicious tempers, which remind him of their late mother Princess Diana’s umbrage. “Sometimes the level of belligerence between his sons, and indeed towards him, has shocked Charles,” the author further writes.

As a matter of fact, Prince Harry has also written about altercations with his brother William in his memoir “Spare.” The trio met after Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021 in an attempt to repair their frayed relationship. However, the conversation quickly soured as the two brothers started getting “heated,” prompting their father to intervene.

According to the Duke of Sussex, the King begged his sons not to “make [his] final years a misery” as they went back and forth with tempers flashing. It seems that tempers are running high among the royal family.

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