Save money on TV licence before April price hike

The cost of a TV licence will increase by £10.50 starting from this April. Currently, the annual fee is £159, but it will rise to £169.50 – an increase of 6.6%. However, there is a way to avoid paying the higher price if your current TV licence expires just before the new rate comes into effect. By renewing your licence early, you can delay paying the increased fee until 2025.

It is important to note that not everyone needs to purchase a TV licence. If you watch or record live TV programs on any channel, whether it’s on a TV, PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, you are required to have a TV licence. The same applies if you use BBC iPlayer, even if you only watch shows on catch-up. However, if you watch catch-up shows using streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ITVX, Disney Plus, YouTube, All 4, or My5, you do not need a TV licence. The exception is if you watch live shows through these services, in which case a TV licence is necessary. Failure to have a TV licence while watching live TV can result in a fine of £1,000.

There are certain groups of people exempt from paying for a TV licence. This includes individuals aged over 75 who are claiming Pension Credit. Students living away from home may also be covered if their parents have a TV licence, but only if they watch TV on devices such as phones, tablets, or laptop computers. Watching on a television plugged into the mains would not be covered. Additionally, individuals with severe sight impairment can claim a 50% discount, and those living in residential care or sheltered accommodation may be eligible for a concessionary TV licence, which costs £7.50 per room, flat, or bungalow.

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