The Queen’s Drinking Habits Revealed

The Queen’s drinking habits have been revealed, we’re sure that you’ll be shocked at how many alcoholic drinks the 90-year-old can knock back every day.

For starters, she’s supposedly keen on a cheeky gin and Dubonnet just before her lunch. Then, during her midday meal she reportedly has a glass of wine.At this point we’d probably start feeling a bit tipsy. Never one to let the team down, Queen Lizzie continues, polishing off a dry Martini in the evening and a flute of champagne before heading to bed.


Good for her!

If you haven’t been counting up the units, (don’t worry, we have) this would mean that she’s supposedly racking up around 6 a day, or 42 units a week – technically making her a binge drinker. Who’d have thought it!

The late Queen Mother gets the award for Biggest Royal drinker though. Her taste for gin meant that she allegedly used to drink around 70 units a week.


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