Prince William’s Explicit Reaction to Harry’s Meghan Markle Revelation

Prince Harry recognized Meghan Markle’s uniqueness the moment he came across her photo during an Instagram scroll. However, in an effort to shield her from the intense media attention that comes with royal life, he desperately wanted to keep their relationship under wraps.

Their initial dates were held in private rooms at exclusive London members clubs, allowing the couple to become acquainted. They also spent cozy nights together at Harry’s cottage in Kensington Palace and enjoyed romantic getaways to meaningful destinations.

After a few months, Harry decided to expand their circle and introduced the American actress to his closest friends and family.

In his book Spare, Harry recounts that the initial meetings with his friends went exceptionally well, which led him to take the next step—introducing Meghan to his family.

Prince William and Princess Kate were the first to be informed, and Harry disclosed the exciting news during a dinner at their London residence.

According to Harry, his brother “sensed that something was happening” and expressed curiosity.

Once Prince George and Princess Charlotte were tucked into bed, Harry seized the moment. However, he did so only after Kate and William pledged to keep the information confidential.

He began by mentioning that the new woman in his life was an American actress and further revealed that she appeared on Suits.

Harry writes, “Their jaws dropped. They exchanged glances before William turned to me and exclaimed, ‘F*** off’.”

The couple’s response left Harry puzzled as they seemed to believe it was an impossibility.

Later in the book, Harry recounts their first encounter, confessing that he felt more anxious about that introduction than meeting the Queen herself.

He writes, “After a brief wait, the door swung open, revealing my older brother, slightly dressed up in nice trousers, a stylish shirt, and an open collar. I introduced Meg, who leaned in for a hug, which completely startled him. He instinctively pulled back.

“William wasn’t one to embrace strangers, whereas Meghan was known for embracing almost everyone. It was a classic clash of cultures, like the intersection of a flashlight and a torch, which felt simultaneously amusing and endearing.”

Although their meeting was brief as Harry and William were about to embark on a shooting trip, they exchanged a few “heartfelt words.

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