Prince Andrew’s Fear: Will King Charles Kick Him Out Forever?

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, remains insistent on staying at his residence during impending construction work, apprehensive that if he were to vacate, re-entry may not be permitted. The root of his concern lies in a present disagreement with his brother, King Charles, who has expressed the desire for Prince Andrew to relinquish his home, the Royal Lodge in Windsor, as part of the monarch’s downscaling efforts.

Prince Andrew, who has stepped back from royal duties in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein controversy, resides in the £30 million, 30-room mansion with his ex-wife, Sarah, Duchess of York. King Charles perceives the potential to allocate the property more efficiently. However, Andrew, who took the lease from the late Queen Mother and invested as much as £7 million of his wealth in renovations, resists any intention to relocate.

Knowledgeable sources have indicated that the forthcoming work, which Prince Andrew will finance, including crucial roof repairs, are due to begin this summer. The insiders suggested that the Prince could temporarily shift to Frogmore Cottage, formerly inhabited by Prince Harry and Meghan. The King has even hinted at this becoming a permanent arrangement.

However, the sources assert that Prince Andrew holds the apprehension of being permanently dislodged from Royal Lodge if he were to step away, even for a short period. The situation is increasingly seen as absurd by insiders. They say, ‘Andrew has substantial roof renovations coming up this summer, which will span several months. Living in the house during this period could cause complications. However, he is hesitant to move.’

While Buckingham Palace has not made a statement, another insider insists that there is no need for Prince Andrew to depart. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, presently residing in California, retain their tenancy of Frogmore until July.

The Queen had previously bequeathed her Windsor home to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but they have been notified to leave earlier this year. Currently, Princess Eugenie, along with her husband and two children, occupy the cozy five-bedroom residence, which allows proximity to her parents and keeps Frogmore inhabited.

Another insider highlighted that regardless of the dramas surrounding the Royal Lodge and the required repair costs, the Duke of York is unwavering in his determination to stay put and not become Frogmore’s new occupant.

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