Obvious error makes this £2 coin worth a fortune. Do you have one?

If you’ve got a £2 coin in your wallet, you could already be sitting on a small fortune, thanks to a newly found error on a lot of the current coins in circulation.

Experts revealed that a number of the 2015 Britannia £2 coins currently being used include a striking error – which could make them very valuable to coin collectors. The rare £2 coins show the Queen’s head rotated clockwise by around 150 degrees – but, with only 650,000 in circulation, and just a few thousand ‘upside down’, you’re definitely going to have to dig deep to find a special one.

You’ll see that the coin on the right has the Queen’s head struck at the wrong angle – a mistake now confirmed by the Royal Mint
The Royal Mint said the misalignment was “almost certainly the result of one of the dies working loose and rotating during the striking process”.

The government body also said the £2 Britannia coin is one of the most scarce circulating £2 coins ever minted – it is third equal in the all-time low mintage charts. Click next to continue reading

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