Mum Accidentally Turns Her Toddler Blue

For countless parents, thinking of inventive ways to captivate and entertain their little ones can be a challenging affair. Even the simplest tasks, such as making them sit for a meal or ensuring bath-time goes smoothly, can sometimes require a dash of creativity. However, one mum’s innovative attempt to make bath-time delightful took an unexpected turn.

With all the right intentions, this mum added blue food colouring to her toddler’s bathwater, imagining it would make for an amusing activity. Little did she know, she’d inadvertently dye her child blue! In her surprise, she reached out on Reddit, seeking advice from other parents. She humorously wrote, “Silly me thought food colouring was washable. What a fun, cool parent I would be if I put blue food colouring in their bath. Maybe it is just this brand or something, but I now have a blue toddler. Does anyone else have any parenting tips?”

Her post swiftly garnered a slew of helpful responses. A sympathetic parent responded: “As a toddler parent who handles food colouring on the regular, I promise it fades fairly quickly with regular baths – a little lemon juice can help move it along a little quicker, but I say enjoy it!” Another chimed in, “Baby oil on a cotton ball may take off the tint. Like someone else said, it’ll naturally fade, especially with regular baths.”

The amusing incident triggered many to share their own comical parenting mishaps involving dyes. One recounted: “I picked up my son from daycare a couple of years ago and he, alongside every other kid in his class, was green. They had been playing with shaving cream coloured with food colouring and went a bit too heavy-handed with the initial colour. Took two or three baths for it to come off but all those green toddlers running around.”

The mum, demonstrating her great sense of humour amidst the bluish predicament, later added, “Sorry for not replying, but you know – still handling the situation. Thanks for the tips and laughs,” showing that she took the entire episode with grace and wit.

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