Most People Not Interested in King’s Coronation, According to Poll

According to a recent YouGov poll, a majority of British people are not particularly interested in the upcoming coronation of the King, although many plan to watch it or participate in related festivities. The survey, which included over 3,000 adults, found that 35% of respondents expressed little interest in the event, while 29% said they were not interested at all. Just 9% of those polled indicated a strong interest in the coronation, while 24% said they were moderately interested.

The survey also revealed that younger age groups were particularly apathetic about the coronation, with 75% of respondents between 18 and 24 expressing little or no interest, as well as 69% of those between 25 and 49. Even among the over-65 demographic, which tends to be more supportive of the royal family, a majority of 53% said they had little or no interest in the event.

The coronation ceremony, which will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, is a symbolic religious event that will officially crown Charles as King. While Prince Harry has announced that he will attend, Meghan Markle will remain in the US and miss the ceremony.

The YouGov survey found that 46% of respondents were indifferent to the couple’s attendance, while only 12% supported Harry’s decision to attend without Meghan, and 27% believed that neither of them should attend. A minority of 15% said they wanted both Harry and Meghan to participate.

The survey also showed that older Britons were more likely to have strong opinions about the couple’s attendance, with 48% of over-65s saying they preferred that both Harry and Meghan stay at home, compared to only 10% of 18-to-24 year olds who shared the same view.

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