Menopause Revolution: How Women Are Breaking the Silence and Taking Charge

According to new research by Atomik Research, commissioned for QVC UK’s ‘Menopause Your Way’, more than one in five women say they have no one to talk to about the menopause. The study also found that only one in 10 women feel prepared for this life-changing event. A lack of discussion around the menopause was highlighted, with two in five women saying they knew about the symptoms but did not have a clear enough understanding of how to manage them.

QVC is seeking to have women’s needs better represented, as more than a quarter of women surveyed believe the menopause only happens to “older” women, despite the findings revealing that for a third of women, the menopause started at a much younger age than expected.

The study also revealed that a third of women had never discussed the menopause with another female relative, and 40% of women felt unprepared for the menopause. Over half of women said their biggest concern was hot flashes, exposing little awareness of other possible symptoms.

Despite this, three in five women felt that no longer having periods was liberating. To help break the taboo surrounding the menopause, TV judge Shirley Ballas and other women, including Sally Gunnell, Heather Jackson, and Rachel Lankester, are appearing in a video discussing their own personal experiences of the menopause.

Shirley Ballas shared her experience of the menopause, saying it was an emotional and scary experience on so many levels, and that discussing the menopause shouldn’t be seen as taboo. She urges women to reach out for help and not be ashamed to say how they’re feeling.

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