Lisa Riley reveals family tragedy

Lisa Riley has expressed her deep sorrow over the passing of her ‘second mother’.

The Emmerdale actress, 47, known for her role as Mandy Dingle on the ITV soap, shared the tragic news on Instagram on Monday morning, announcing the death of her beloved aunt Joyce. In a heartfelt tribute, Lisa referred to her family member as her ‘second mother’ and conveyed her grief.

Lisa also reflected on the recent loss of her close friend Robin Windsor, whose sudden death at the age of 44 was mourned last month. Tributes poured in for the late Strictly Come Dancing star from around the world.

In memory of both Robin and her cherished aunt, Lisa wrote on Instagram: “Just when I thought my heart couldn’t hurt anymore, after just losing Robin, I have had more devastating news. Last night my 2nd Mum, my solid hand to hold since I was born. My gorgeous Aunty Joyce has sadly passed away, joining my Mum, where they can now giggle again in heaven together.

“Who came to every single show I performed in since the age of 7…Aunty Joyce, who came to every set and supported every inch of my career, Aunty Joyce. Constantly held me up when Mum passed, Aunty Joyce, gave me confidence when I didn’t think I could do it Aunty Joyce.

“Let me dress up, put makeup on and sing endless songs from Annie, Aunty Joyce. Who I drank my last glass of wine EVER with before I became sober – Aunty Joyce.

“You lived your life to absolute fullest, travelled the world and I listened. It became my hunger to discover all the world has to offer, your heart is bigger than anyone I have ever known, your kindness and empathy shone from you. You gave the best advice and I think that’s what I will miss the absolute MOST….because you know me inside out, back to front, and everything in between.”

Lisa continued: “I trust you the most, always have. REST IN PEACE. Who can I watch BEACHES with now???? We’ve only watched it over a hundred times. I love you, always will, but MOSTLY I thank you, for your time, endless time, when you knew I really needed it. You went to heaven on Mothers Day, can’t quite believe this. The biggest love to Uncle Jess and Si.”

This news follows Lisa’s recent tribute to her former Strictly Come Dancing partner, Robin. Lisa and the late Robin, who reached the semi-final of the BBC show in 2012, shared a special bond. In the wake of Robin’s passing, Lisa and others have been honoring his memory.

On X, Lisa wrote: “My Bestie, My Robin, My Angel…….now our forever Angel, who is loved, will always be loved, forever in my heart……my very broken heart, I love you, shine your beautiful, electric energy from heaven. SHINE IN PEACE,” along with broken-hearted emojis.

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