Linda Nolan’s incurable cancer spreads to her brain

Linda Nolan has shared the heartbreaking news that her incurable cancer has spread to her brain, leading her to question if she will still be alive in a month’s time. The 64-year-old singer, known for her involvement in the family pop group The Nolans, expressed the difficulty she faces in staying positive about her diagnosis.

Having previously battled breast cancer in 2006 and experienced a third recurrence in her liver in 2020, Linda received the devastating news in March that the disease had now reached her brain, leaving her shocked and scared. Speaking to the Mirror, she revealed the challenges of maintaining happiness during family moments, reflecting on a recent family holiday.

Linda confessed that it was hard not to feel anger when faced with such fabulous experiences, recounting a night when she returned to her cottage, slammed the door, and wept, not wanting to miss out on life’s joys. In moments of solitude, she often finds herself contemplating her future, wondering if she will still be there in a month’s time and if the end will come swiftly.

Despite the increasing difficulty of remaining positive, Linda tries to approach each morning as a reason to celebrate, rather than dwell on the idea of approaching the end. This mindset provides her with some solace. She currently lives with her sister Denise due to issues with her balance but maintains a steadfast determination, firmly stating that she is not giving up.

Linda, who had a hit in 1979 with “I’m In The Mood For Dancing,” mentioned that she now possesses a “lovely” collection of wigs after experiencing hair loss for the fourth time due to chemotherapy treatment.

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