Linda Nolan Struggling to Walk Amid Brain Cancer Treatment, Shares Sister Coleen

Singer and television personality Linda Nolan is enduring the effects of her brain cancer treatment, which now includes difficulty in walking, her sister Coleen Nolan revealed on “Good Morning Britain.” While discussing with hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls, Coleen admired Linda’s resilience, noting, “Cancer keeps challenging her, yet she remains unyielding. She might take a day off post-chemo, feeling under the weather, but she’s eager to be up and about the very next day.”

Responding to Linda’s admirable spirit, Susanna remarked, “Your family has faced cancer repeatedly. With Bernie [Nolan] having tragically succumbed to cancer, did you ever question its presence in your genetics or consider preventive measures?”

She further pointed out Coleen’s past health scare, mentioning, “You had a brush with skin cancer, a basal cell carcinoma. While it’s among the more treatable types, it must’ve been petrifying.”

Coleen acknowledged the fear, expressing, “Indeed, it’s unsettling. You’re expecting a mild diagnosis like eczema, and they drop the ‘carcinoma’ bomb. The trepidation is palpable. But I’m proactive; if anything raises a red flag, I seek medical counsel immediately. That’s the essence of The Real Full Monty – spreading awareness about regular self-checks and seeking timely medical guidance. Early detection often promises favorable outcomes.”

Praising her family’s resilience, Coleen added, “Linda has been battling cancer for 15 years. Her strength is astounding. Similarly, our eldest sister, Anne, has successfully overcome the disease.”

Linda received the grim news earlier this year about her cancer advancing to her brain. Bernie Nolan passed away in 2013 post her breast cancer diagnosis. On a brighter note, Anne recently marked three years since being declared cancer-free.

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