Katie Hopkins reported for vile Kate Garraway comments

Former reality TV contestant Katie Hopkins has drawn sharp criticism for her inappropriate comments about TV presenter Kate Garraway following the death of Kate’s husband, Derek Draper.

Kate Garraway, a familiar face from “Good Morning Britain,” has been mourning the loss of her husband Derek, who succumbed to complications from a long battle with Covid. Derek, previously active in political lobbying, became critically ill with Covid in early 2020, enduring one of the most severe cases worldwide. After spending nearly three months in a coma and losing his ability to speak, he required hospitalization for over a year. Despite returning home in April 2021, Derek continued to need constant care.

In a desperate attempt to improve his condition, Kate had taken Derek to Mexico in November for an experimental treatment. Tragically, he suffered a heart attack there and passed away on January 3 in the UK, leaving behind his wife and their two children, Darcy and Billy.

Hopkins, who has been embroiled in controversies before, including being fired from her radio show in 2017 and a temporary Twitter ban, mocked Kate’s loss in a recent social media video. In the video, Hopkins is seen drinking red wine and falsely claiming that ITV was going to broadcast a “Life After Derek” documentary and that Kate had rushed to publish a book about Derek’s death. Neither the documentary nor the book exists.

Accompanying her video, Hopkins tweeted, “Important @ITV documentary tonight. #KateGarraway. #LifeAfterDerek allegedly sponsored by Fizzzzzzzeeerr,” in a mocking reference to Pfizer, despite Derek catching Covid before the vaccine was available. She further added, “Accompanying book available wherever you get your 100th boooooosta #ExcessDeaths.”

These remarks have sparked significant backlash. Political commentator Tan Smith expressed his disgust: “I’ve seen a lot of grim stuff on here, but seeing hateful psychopath Katie Hopkins, recording herself laughing whilst mocking Kate Garraway regarding the death of her husband, was one of the worst.” Comedian Dom Joly also criticized Hopkins, saying, “She is a pure sociopath- zero empathy, total grifter.”

Responding to a social media user who criticized her for exploiting a tragic death, Hopkins retorted: “Literally what Garraway has been doing for two years.” She also seemed to anticipate the backlash in her video, stating, “This is where I get such a b****ing where people go ‘That is a line! That crosses a line! How dare you laugh?’… Or the other thing people will say is ‘You should be ashamed of yourself’.”

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