Kate Garraway devastated by the loss of her husband and hurt by Katie Hopkins’ remarks

Kate Garraway is receiving support from her friends after the death of her husband Derek Draper, who passed away on January 5 after a long battle with Covid. A close friend revealed that Kate is feeling devastated and broken, and is going through moments of reflection and crying. The friend also mentioned that Kate had fought for Derek’s life for four years and didn’t give up until the end. To help support Kate and her children, their friends have set up a rota to be with her. Clare Nasir, one of Kate’s friends, said that Kate is exhausted and has been by Derek’s bedside day and night while also caring for her family. She described Kate’s current state as “just grief and absolute sadness” and mentioned that they try to bring some light into their time together by playing games with the kids.

Derek Draper was one of the worst affected Covid patients in the world, as he was struck down by the virus shortly after the UK’s first lockdown in March 2020. He spent almost three months in a coma and was left unable to speak. After more than a year in the hospital, Derek was finally allowed home in April 2021 but required round-the-clock care. Kate had taken him to Mexico in November for a new treatment, but he suffered a heart attack while there and was flown back to the UK. Despite being treated in the intensive care unit, Derek passed away due to complications.

There has been criticism from Katie Hopkins, who mocked Kate and her grief in a video she shared on social media. In the video, Hopkins made false claims about a TV documentary and book that do not exist, mocking Kate’s family tragedy. Her comments received backlash, with many calling her out for lacking empathy. Piers Morgan, a close friend of Derek and former co-host of Kate’s, called Hopkins “despicable” and shared an article about her remarks on social media.

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