Jonnie Irwin embraces open-minded approach to treatment after cancer diagnosis

Jonnie Irwin, best known for hosting the show A Place in the Sun, has discussed his perspective on living with terminal cancer, attributing his longevity to a combination of factors. In 2020, Jonnie received a diagnosis of terminal cancer and was initially given just six months to live. However, he has surpassed this prognosis and continues to share his journey, including his battle with lung cancer that had spread to his brain and his experiences with treatments such as chemotherapy.

Recently, on Jane McLelland’s podcast Conversations with Jane McLelland, Jonnie shared his mindset regarding his illness. He emphasized that he sees himself as someone living with cancer rather than dying from it, stating, “One of the reasons I think I’m still here is I’m not a cancer patient.” He also mentioned that discussing his strength often results in a hospital visit, so he tries not to tempt fate.

Regarding his survival, Jonnie believes it is due to a combination of factors and multiple approaches, explaining, “I’m convinced the reason I’m here is from a mixture of things. And things working cohesively.” He expressed gratitude for the support of many people and highlighted some alternative treatments he has pursued, including having his own diet, featuring vegetable smoothies and a limited amount of fruit.

Despite acknowledging the prognosis given to him, Jonnie refuses to succumb to fear and instead seeks empowerment and education through various treatments. He mentioned hyperbaric oxygen, intravenous Vitamin C, and Reiki as examples of therapies he has tried and said he feels great after undergoing them.

Jonnie also emphasized the importance of having an open mind and conducting personal research when exploring different treatment options, stating, “I’m so much more open-minded [now]. Probably because I’ve got a gun to my head. It’s a rich kaleidoscope of help that I’m getting, and I’m pursuing, and I will continue to do that. You’ve got to look into alternatives [and] do your own research.” Jane, the podcast host, clarified that the information she provides is meant to be complementary or integrative, rather than alternative, and encouraged a merging of conventional and alternative treatments.

Furthermore, Jonnie highlighted the role of a positive attitude in his journey, explaining that it not only provides hope but also extends the time he has with his loved ones. He stated, “At the very least you’re giving people hope. And as a patient, that can add weeks and months. This positive attitude buys you days, buys you weeks, and buys you moments with people like [my kids].”

If you or someone you know is living with cancer, Macmillan offers confidential support for both patients and their loved ones. Contact them at 0808 808 0000. For additional information about cancer, including symptoms and support resources, visit the NHS website.

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