Inexpensive household staple effectively breaks down air fryer grease for 11p

If you’re the designated cleaner for the greasy air fryer in your household, you know all too well how challenging it can be. But fear not, because there’s a simple hack that costs just 11p that could change your cleaning game.

Air fryers have revolutionized cooking, making it incredibly easy to achieve perfectly crispy and delicious dishes in a short amount of time. However, the downside is that they can be a nightmare to clean. One woman had reached her wits end with her Ninja air fryer, which was covered in stubborn, sticky grease. She turned to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group for some advice.

She wrote: “Can anyone recommend a product to clean my Ninja air fryer? It’s got lots of stuck-on sticky grease and no matter what I try it won’t come off. I have tried Elbow Grease, Pink Stuff, bleach etc.”

To her surprise, the suggestion that came up most frequently was not a specific cleaning spray, but rather a laundry product that most people already have in their cupboards – washing powder. One member of the group recommended soaking the air fryer in hot water with biological washing powder, explaining that the enzymes in the powder break down the grease. They emphasized the importance of rinsing well afterward. Another member agreed, saying that using hot water and washing powder had worked wonders on their own air fryer.

One woman even shared her own experience, saying that Elbow Grease failed to remove the grease, but cheap laundry powder from Asda did the job perfectly. Another fan of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch suggested using a dishwasher tablet with boiling hot water, letting it soak, and then scrubbing with washing up liquid.

In case you don’t already have washing powder in your cupboard, Tesco Colour Bio Detergent Powder 2.6Kg is priced at £4.75 and offers 40 uses. This means that each time you use it to clean your air fryer after cooking, it’ll only cost you around 11p.

So if you’re tired of spending excessive amounts of time scrubbing away at your greasy air fryer, give this cheap and effective hack a try. Your air fryer will be sparkling clean in no time.

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