Holly Willoughby accused of ‘throwing Phil under bus’ as fans react to ‘insincere’ statement

Holly Willoughby faced backlash for her ‘insincere and soulless’ statement on the Phillip Schofield controversy upon her return to This Morning.

Viewers of This Morning responded with skepticism to Holly Willoughby’s emotional response to the Phillip Schofield scandal involving a younger colleague on the show.

Starting the show alongside Josie Gibson, Holly conveyed to the audience her feelings of betrayal and disappointment regarding Phillip’s confession. She acknowledged the impact the situation has had on Phillip’s mental health and hinted at a “new chapter” for This Morning.

However, as soon as Holly concluded her monologue, viewers took to social media to express their immediate reactions.

While some viewers suggested that Holly seemed in need of comfort, others accused her of being ‘insincere’ and of casting former close friend Phil in an unflattering light.

One viewer wrote on Twitter, “The speech felt… lacking. Holly seemed to confirm that the friendship between her and Phil has been strained. She appears to hold a grudge against him. However, she didn’t clarify her own level of awareness. She could have denied knowing anything. Her statement was quite measured. #ThisMorning.”

Another viewer joked about Holly leaving Phil in a difficult situation: “Can’t believe Holly just left Phil to fend for himself hahaha #ThisMorning.” Someone else chimed in, “That was one of the most unconvincing performances I’ve ever seen #ThisMorning.”

A viewer also noted, “@ITV @thismorning @hollywills showing they remain significantly out of touch. This speech was self-centered and failed to address the pressing issue.”

However, some viewers defended Holly, “I don’t understand why Holly is being criticized for both condemning Phil and supposedly doing nothing about the situation (why should she be aware of Phil’s personal life?), it seems she can’t win #ThisMorning.”

Another supporter wrote, “I fail to understand the wave of hostility aimed at Holly. From my perspective, she was deceived by a friend who lied to her. You can’t possibly know all the intimate details of your friends’ lives, can you? She was obviously anxious too, let her be. #ThisMorning.”

Upon her return to This Morning following an extended half-term break, Holly said, “First, I hope you are doing okay. It feels peculiar sitting here without Phil, and I reckon you might be feeling a lot like I have – betrayed, distressed, let down, concerned about the welfare of everyone involved, and full of questions.

“We all at This Morning gave our love and support to someone who was not truthful, leading them to resign from ITV and leave a career they cherished. That’s a lot to digest.

“It’s equally tough seeing the effect this has taken on their mental health. What should unite us now is a wish to recover for the health and wellbeing of all. As we commence this new chapter and try to restore the comfort and enchantment this show holds for everyone, let’s draw strength from one another.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my gratitude for your kind messages and thank you for being here this morning. Myself, Josie, Dermot, Alison, Craig and every single member of this show will strive every day to present you the show we are passionate about.”

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