Here’s why cats like to rub against your leg

Cats may be a widely beloved animal species, but they also come with a host of behaviors that can be difficult to decipher. Here we’ll explain the top ten common cat behaviors!

1. If your cat launches into a running jump, it can seem a little random, but this is just a natural instinctual exercise for your cat and nothing to be worried about.

2. Cats who rub up against you all the time aren’t actually being affectionate. They’re simply marking you, so that everyone knows you’re their property!

3. Kneading may look odd when a cat does it, but this is done as a calming motion. If your cat starts kneading on your body, this means that they are showing you how comfortable they are with you.

4. Is your cat refusing to cover up their own poop? This is their way of letting you know that they are angry with you.

5. Twitching ears are a cat’s method of signaling a strong level of agitation or anxiety. Leave them be during these moments.

6. What about cats that stare with their mouths open? This is merely an example of a cat utilizing its ability to smell through the roof of their mouth.

7. The small meow is a cat’s preferred way to greet you when you come home. Think of it as a “hello” in kitty speak.

8. A chattering kitty is trying to let you know that they are not content. Odd sound, for sure….but it is totally normal.

9. Should a cat decide that they are going to lay on top of whatever you are trying to do, this just means “pay attention to me! I am what is most important!”

10. Once its bedtime and the cat has decided to sleep on your chest, take this as a compliment. They want to feel your heartbeat and consider themselves safe with you.



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