Gogglebox’s Malone Family Face Heartbreak: Loss Leaves Fans Devastated

The Malone family, beloved participants of the popular show “Gogglebox”, are grappling with the loss of their cherished Rottweiler, Dave. The family took to X to share their grief, stating, “There are no words to describe the pain we are feeling or how much we loved you Dave, RIP. You helped everyone see the true lovable nature of Rotties. We were blessed to have you for 12 and a half years.”

Gogglebox enthusiasts instantly expressed their condolences for Dave, who was a frequent feature alongside the family on the programme. A fan expressed, “So sorry. Many dogs deserve to live longer than many people. We never have them long enough. Totally understand your heartbreak.”

Julie Malone, visibly emotional, uploaded a video on X thanking supporters for their kind words, mentioning, “He gave us love and we loved him right until the very end. Thank you so much for all your words of comfort. He wasn’t in any pain, it was nice and peaceful. Big thank you for all your comforting words. Enjoy your Friday, enjoy Gogglebox.” Overwhelmed, she added, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to cry. But thanks very much. Your words really do mean a lot.”

Dave had his moments of fame on the hit Channel 4 show. Notably, a video clip of him playfully pushing dad Tom off his chair gained immense popularity on TikTok. Following the distressing news, numerous viewers took to social media urging Channel 4 to commemorate Dave in the upcoming episode. “Dave definitely needs a tribute video made. He was the absolute highlight of the show,” a viewer mentioned.

The Malones previously faced the loss of their Rottweilers, Lucy last March and Izzey in 2021. Presently, they are accompanied by their dog, Tilly.

This heartrending news follows closely after another sorrowful announcement. Sandra Martin, a former Gogglebox participant between 2013-2017, revealed the passing of her sister, stating, “My sister Jennifer Richards has passed away… I LOVE YOU JEN.” Over the past years, the Gogglebox community has mourned the demise of several members, including the likes of Leon and June Bernicoff, Andy Michael, Mary Cook, and Pete McGarry.

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