Fiona Phillips Confronts Family’s Tragic Alzheimer’s History After Her Own Diagnosis

Renowned TV presenter Fiona Phillips has candidly discussed the profound impact of Alzheimer’s on her family lineage. Earlier in July, the former GMTV co-host, at 62, disclosed that she had been silently battling the condition for over a year and a half.

Alzheimer’s wasn’t unknown to Fiona; it plagued both her parents. Before her diagnosis, she endured several months grappling with symptoms like brain fog and anxiety. In a poignant statement, she remarked earlier in the summer, “This disease has ravaged my family and now it has come for me.”

Determined to combat the ailment head-on, Fiona shared that she had enrolled in clinical trials for a groundbreaking Alzheimer’s treatment drug. She voiced her initial disbelief at the diagnosis, considering her age, stating, “It is something I might have thought I’d get at 80. But I was still only 61 years old.” She expressed her profound frustration, noting how the disease has recurrently tormented her family: “My poor mum was crippled with it. Then my dad, my grandparents, and my uncle. It just keeps coming back for us.”

In a recent update since unveiling her diagnosis, Fiona shared insights on how she’s been coping. Specialists at University College Hospital in London are continually assessing her, gauging if the trial drugs she’s receiving daily might hold promise in stabilising or alleviating Alzheimer’s symptoms. However, despite her resolute spirit, Fiona admits the reality of her condition can be overwhelming at times.

She confided to the Mirror, “I’m living with it by not letting it ruin things. I am just carrying on as much as I can. It’s when I talk about it that I can’t quite believe I’m talking about myself. I’m used to talking about it in relation to my mum and my dad having it… my whole family have been slaughtered by it.”

Elaborating further, she said, “I’ve seen how bad it can be at first hand when my mum and dad had this illness and ended up in care homes. It is horrible.”

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