Eamonn Holmes slams ‘delusional’ Phillip Schofield with this tweet

Eamonn Holmes today labelled Phillip Schofield as ‘delusional’ following the embattled presenter’s insistence in a statement that ‘no toxicity’ was present at This Morning.

The popular daytime program spiralled into chaos last Friday when Schofield confessed to being dishonest about his involvement with a significantly younger coworker, resulting in ITV losing millions in sponsorship agreements.

As the program resumed today with Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond stepping in as hosts, Schofield, 61, fired back at those asserting there was backstage toxicity on the show, accusing them of harboring grudges.

Holmes, a former presenter of This Morning who now works for GB News, subsequently unleashed a harsh rebuttal to the statement, warning that Schofield was ‘picking a fight’ with the ‘wrong person’.

The 63-year-old took to Twitter, writing: ‘Schofield has just released a delusional statement. Like Holly, he posts it on Insta Stories, ensuring no record remains after 24 hours if things go awry. I’m hesitant to offer more publicity to the dishonest man, but trust me Pip, if you’re looking for a fight, you’ve chosen the wrong adversary!’

It comes after Dr Ranj revealed on Sunday night he had raised “concerns about [programme editor] Martin Frizell’s behaviour (and the environment at TM) with Emma Gormley”, the managing director, daytime, of ITV Studio.

He said that after raising complaints, he “found myself being used less and less”, adding: “I even took my concerns directly to the top of ITV: the culture at This Morning has become toxic, no longer aligned with ITV values, and I felt like because I whistle-blew I was managed out.”

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