Eamonn Holmes Reveals Health Struggles and Ruth’s Unwavering Support

Eamonn Holmes, renowned GB News star, has openly shared the struggles of living with chronic back pain and the immense support he receives from his wife, Ruth Langsford. In a heartfelt conversation with the Mirror, Eamonn expressed the challenges and alterations he has had to make in his daily life due to his persistent health issues.

“I get resentful that I’m not the way I used to be but I just get on with it. I work hard at trying to walk. It’s very hard to get through a normal day but I have help from people around me,” Eamonn revealed.

A few years back, the onset of severe back pain prompted Eamonn to undergo spinal surgery in 2021. An unfortunate fall down the stairs during his recovery period exacerbated his condition. Now, chronic back pain is a constant companion, and Eamonn often relies on walking aids for mobility.

Throughout these challenges, Ruth Langsford, Eamonn’s wife and a prominent figure on Loose Women, has stood steadfastly by his side. “Ruth’s not a particularly tolerant person but my god I’m so indebted to her. She’s from an army family and she just gets on with it, she’s a tour de force,” Eamonn confided.

Public concern for Eamonn’s health grew when he was seen using a mobility scooter at a motor show earlier in September. In his pursuit of relief, Eamonn has explored various treatments, including epidural injections and physiotherapy. He even shared a glimpse of a spine-stretching procedure on Instagram. “I look like a 1980s disco dancer. But actually on a rack having my neck and back stretched,” he joked.

Despite his earnest efforts to manage and alleviate his condition, progress has been elusive. “I pay privately because my insurance only covers so much. I go to the paraplegic gym, I try my best but nothing much is getting better and no one has a prognosis as to whether it will get better,” Eamonn disclosed.

Married for thirteen years, Eamonn and Ruth, former regular hosts on This Morning, have navigated these health challenges together. Eamonn, now anchoring the GB News breakfast show, lauds Ruth for her unshowy yet unwavering support. He described her as grounded and dedicated, an unexpected trait in the glamorous world of showbiz. “I can’t sing her praises enough, she’s not what you expect in showbiz,” he said.

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