Eamonn Holmes Discusses Phillip Schofield, ITV and the Controversies Behind the Scenes

In a candid interview last night, Eamonn Holmes fired off a salvo of allegations against Phillip Schofield and ITV following the revelation of his former workmate’s romantic involvement with a younger crew member on This Morning.

Eamonn Holmes didn’t shy away from voicing his strong opinions about Phillip Schofield and ITV in a no-nonsense discussion last night.

The prominent GB News host, aged 63, said he was ‘breaking the silence for the voiceless’ in response to the revelation that his past colleague had initiated a romantic relationship with a young runner from This Morning.

Eamonn, previously a presenter of the daytime program alongside his spouse Ruth Langsford, pulled no punches during this impactful conversation with Dan Wootton, who seemed as taken aback as the rest of the audience tuning in from home.

Below is a rundown of what this seasoned broadcaster had to voice…

Ruth remains in contact with Phillip’s past partner.

Shortly after his departure from This Morning, Phillip confessed to having an “ill-judged” though “not unlawful” relationship with a younger ITV coworker. When questioned about the runner, who had transitioned from working on This Morning to Loose Women, Eamonn noted: “Ruth and I provided considerable support to him, he never disclosed any relationship details to us, however, we were aware of his emotional instability and fragility.

“There is a crucial responsibility of care that needs to be extended towards this young man.”

    When Dan queried Eamonn, “Are you still connected with the young colleague? And how is he coping?” Eamonn replied: “I’m not, but Ruth is. I believe life is challenging for him.”

    Just ONE Loose Women member had an affinity for Phillip.

    Eamonn alleged that merely one of the Loose Women maintained contact with Phillip due to the opportunities he could offer her.

    Referring to the presenter’s brusque interaction with Ruth, where he seemed to interrupt her during the 2019 line-up announcement on the show, he stated: “In reference to the Loose Women, in that particular year, from the panel members, I can confidently say that probably only one person was fond of Phillip Schofield.”

    Loose Women stars felt ‘belittled’ by Phillip

    In this sensational disclosure, Eamonn brought up Phil and Ruth’s exchange on Loose Women in 2019, commenting: “He was excessively rude, completely disregarding the Loose Women.”

    Asserting that a ‘competent presenter’ would have managed to cut off 20 seconds from the time slot, Eamonn continued: “He was disrespectful to Ruth, questioning: ‘Why are we doing this [introducing the Loose Women line-up]? What’s the purpose of this?’

    “I am aware that the Loose Women felt extremely humiliated.”

    Eamonn suspects Holly’s friendship with Alison Hammond is fabricated

    Eamonn, a former colleague of Wylde Moon guru Holly, expressed skepticism over the mother-of-three’s ‘instantaneous’ friendship with the cheerful Brummie Alison, a member of This Morning for 13 years.

    He pointed out: “This absurdity about Holly Willoughby being best friends with Alison Hammond and [Holly] attending Alison’s birthday party… Alison Hammond being invited to Holly Willoughby’s exclusive nights out with her friends..

    “This would not have occurred two years ago. Are you joking? Alison Hammond has been a part of the programme for 13 years and I’m certain there was minimal interaction between her and the presenters.

    Phillip’s partner was chauffeured from his residence in ITV-funded vehicles

    Eamonn alleged that Phillip’s partner was escorted from his residence in taxis funded by ITV.

    “I was unaware but I have subsequently learned from a highly credible source that he [the runner] would arrive significantly earlier in the morning than I would for the show, as he was transported from Phillip’s London residence,” he revealed to Dan.

    He added: “Typically on Friday morning, following their Thursday night outings, after which he would evidently stay overnight.

    “There are records indicating that the following day, he was separately driven in vehicles financed by ITV.”

    Dan questioned: “So, the management must have been aware of this?”

    “Unless Phillip settled the bills independently, it would still have to pass through the Accounts Office where they would have observed this and known about it, and this young man, a delightful individual, truly talented chap,” Eamonn responded.

    Phillip’s relationship with younger colleague a ‘concealment’ by ITV

    Discussing Phillip’s liaison with a younger male associate on This Morning, Eamonn stated: “It’s a facade, it’s a facade,” as Dan questioned: “Isn’t it a cover-up?”

    “It’s a complete cover-up,” Eamonn asserted. Those in leadership positions had to be cognizant of the situation and they believed they could sidestep the issue with this, which they frequently do.

    “When Schofield refers to ‘those who criticize him,’ namely myself, Amanda Holden, [Dan Wootton], you’ll be implicated in the toxicity, Dr Ranj… you merely think, ‘No mate, you’ve enjoyed the upper hand for far too long.'”

    Eamonn accuses Holly of ‘exploiting’ Alison

    While Phil, aged 61, has left This Morning, Holly, aged 42, is projected to return, with Alison, aged 48, being considered as her co-host.

    The duo exhibited great synergy when they hosted the ITV show during Phil’s absence due to his brother’s trial.

    Recently, Holly has been seen spending more time with the Big Brother celebrity and even made an appearance at her birthday celebration earlier this year.

    However, Eamonn doubts the authenticity of this relationship, declaring: “People merely use others and it’s repugnant.”

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