Eamonn Holmes claims Holly Willoughby ‘stabbed Phillip Schofield in the back’

Eamonn Holmes has strongly criticized Holly Willoughby, accusing her of ‘stabbing Phillip Schofield in the back’ following his sensational departure from the ITV show.

The former presenter of This Morning, Eamonn, did not hold back in expressing his views on Holly, 42, and Phil, 61, as he asserted that ‘she is aware of the truth.’ During a discussion on his GB News show, Eamonn’s co-host, Isabel Webster, posed the question: ‘Has Holly stabbed Phillip in the back?’

Eamonn, who previously co-hosted This Morning with his wife Ruth Langsford until 2021, condemned Holly and remarked, ‘Yes, she built her reputation on the foundation of his.’

Isabel interjected, asking, ‘But if he does something she doesn’t want to be associated with and she says, “Either I leave or he goes,” is that stabbing someone in the back, or is it a statement of “I have my own professional integrity and I do not wish to be associated with such actions”?’

“Excuse me,” Eamonn continued, “If she truly has her own professional integrity, then why hasn’t she publicly stated, ‘I have my own professional integrity, and he has engaged in behavior that will reflect poorly on me’?”

“But she is just as insincere as he is, and no one is addressing the obvious issue.”

Reading Holly’s statement aloud, Eamonn remarked, “She says, ‘I am grateful for his knowledge, experience, and humor,’ all of which she lacked when she joined the show.”

During the GB News segment, guest journalist Dawn Neesom discussed the rumored ‘feud’ between Eamonn and Phil, following reports that Ruth filed an official complaint against Eamonn after he interrupted her during the Loose Women crossover. Dawn stated, ‘[Phillip] rudely interrupted Ruth when she was attempting to do a link to Loose Women.’

Interrupting Dawn, Eamonn added, ‘Look, I could provide you with a list of instances where both of them displayed a lack of kindness and awareness towards those around them… you just need to glance at my phone to see the number of people relieved to see the departure of both individuals.'”

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