Dame Esther Rantzen shares how long she has left to live after cancer diagnosis

Beloved television icon Dame Esther Rantzen recently disclosed the amount of time she expects to live following her stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

After living with her diagnosis for some time, Dame Esther broke her silence in her first interview since initially disclosing her illness. She originally confirmed to PA News, “Over the past few weeks, I have found out that I am battling lung cancer that has now metastasized. Currently, I am undergoing several tests to evaluate the most effective treatment strategy.

“I chose not to keep this hidden any longer because navigating different hospitals in an unconvincing disguise is challenging, and I prefer to deliver the facts to you myself.”

Dame Esther further elaborated, “Being diagnosed at 82 has led me to reflect on my life, and I want to deeply thank everyone who has enriched my journey with joy, amusement, and inspiration.”

The founder of Childline has begun a variety of treatments, but it’s uncertain whether they’re having any effect.

While speaking with The One Show’s host Alex Jones, the 82-year-old mentioned she had inquired about her likely prognosis from her oncologist.

She shared that specialists have indicated that her life expectancy is likely “sometime in the next decade.”

On the show, Esther added: “Receiving a diagnosis of stage four lung cancer does bring clarity to your thinking. You realize that you might have less time than you previously believed, so you prioritize. Despite my love for my work and my respect for those who choose to work until the end, I’ve decided that’s not the path I want to take.”

The star of That’s Life! professed she has “no regrets”, stating to her fans, “I’m not proficient at dwelling on regrets. What I truly cherish are the extraordinary friendships I have forged over the last 50 years due to That’s Life!, the individuals I have met, and the team who has labored and laughed together for so many years.”

She is channeling this sentiment into a new book, titled Older & Bolder, which she describes as an “A-Z guide to surviving virtually everything.”

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