Coleen Nolan’s Unexpected Relationship: ‘Never Say Never’ About Marriage Again”

Prominent “Loose Women” star Coleen Nolan has opened up about her renewed relationship with boyfriend Michael Jones, hinting at the potential of taking the next step.

After a brief hiatus in their relationship, Coleen and Michael have recently reconciled. Candidly, Coleen acknowledges that the initial breakup was predominantly due to her own decisions. However, their reconnection earlier this year seems to have infused fresh vitality into their bond.

Delving deeper into her feelings and future aspirations with Michael during an intimate conversation with Closer magazine, Coleen discussed the possibility of them walking down the aisle. Despite being vocally against remarrying for many years, her sentiments appear to have softened. She stated, “I’ve spent years saying I’d never marry again, but if it was important to the person I was with, I’m not 100 percent against it.”

Coleen elaborated on her renewed perspective on love and relationships, saying, “Right now I’m enjoying this new lease of life and trying things that are a bit scary; I’d rather feel alive than live with regrets. In the past, I’d always been drawn to the ‘bad boy’ allure, seeing it as exhilarating. However, a therapist highlighted that this tendency was more about familiarity than genuine attraction. Encountering pure, unconditional love was initially hard for me to process.”

Reflecting on the period of their separation, Coleen shared more about their dynamic and how they found their way back to each other. “The last time I finished it, it hurt him. He had moved on, refraining from contacting me and even began dating. As I spoke to other men, I constantly found myself comparing them to Michael, realizing how much I missed his presence,” she expressed.

In a testament to the growth and maturity of their relationship, Coleen conveyed, “I’ve thanked him for not giving up on me. We’re stronger now; it feels like a truly mature relationship. I finally feel like an adult!”

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