Coleen Nolan’s Brave Choice Against Mastectomy

Coleen Nolan, a prominent figure on ‘Loose Women,’ has candidly shared her decision to forgo a double mastectomy, taking into consideration the advice from her sister Linda, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. The Nolan family has been significantly impacted by cancer, with three of the sisters having been diagnosed with the disease. Bernie Nolan tragically passed away from breast cancer in 2013 at the age of 52. Linda Nolan underwent a mastectomy and extensive chemotherapy following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2005, only to face an incurable secondary cancer diagnosis affecting her hip and liver years later.

Recently, Linda faced another daunting challenge when she was informed that her cancer had progressed to her brain. Their sister Anne has also battled cancer twice and is now thankfully in remission.

Despite her family’s heart-wrenching experiences with cancer, Coleen, 54, chose not to undergo a mastectomy. She revealed this decision on the ‘Mother and Daughter Breast of Friends’ podcast, acknowledging the constant fear of a potential cancer diagnosis in her future. Initially considering the surgery as a preventative measure, Coleen’s perspective shifted after a heartfelt conversation with Linda, who cautioned her about the pain associated with the operation and the possibility of developing cancer in other areas.

Coleen remarked humorously on the podcast that she had entertained the thought of getting “decent boobs” post-surgery. However, Linda’s insights, coupled with her own reflections, led her to decide against the procedure. She expressed a sense of resignation, noting that while a mastectomy could reduce one cancer risk, it couldn’t eliminate the possibility of others.

To manage her health proactively, Coleen undergoes regular check-ups with a breast specialist, performs self-examinations, and has biennial mammograms, despite her aversion to doctor visits. The Nolan family has been continually facing cancer challenges since 2000, a journey Coleen described as a relentless “battering” by the illness.

Linda, 64, has been undergoing treatment for her secondary breast cancer, which recently spread to her brain. Despite these challenges, she shared some uplifting news on ‘Good Morning Britain’ earlier this month. During a hospital visit, her doctors informed her of a positive development – the tumors had shrunk. Overwhelmed with joy, Linda described this news as an “early Christmas present,” a significant glimmer of hope amidst her long and difficult battle with cancer.

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