Coleen Nolan Shares Her Children’s Reaction To Her Love Life and Boyfriend

Television personality Coleen Nolan recently delved into the details of her romantic life with her partner Michael, highlighting her children’s initial concerns and ultimate support. Nolan, familiar to many as a panelist on “Loose Women,” has experienced the ups and downs of rekindling love with Michael after their separation last year. The couple’s journey began when they connected on the dating app Tinder in 2021.

Nolan has candidly discussed the couple’s past challenges and her role in their intermittent separations. With newfound strength in their relationship, Nolan expresses gratitude for the bond she and Michael share, a bond that has flourished alongside the growing approval of her children.

In an intimate conversation with OK! Magazine, Nolan reflected on the protective instincts of her older children when she re-entered the dating world. Initially, they were wary, witnessing the fluctuations of Nolan’s commitment to Michael and feeling a sense of confusion. However, as Nolan has evolved and Michael has established a sense of security within the relationship, her children have come to warmly accept him.

Nolan beams with the sense of fortune she feels at having found love once more and relishes the support of her loved ones as she moves forward with Michael. Even though she holds an optimistic outlook on her current relationship, Nolan confidently asserts her ability to thrive independently, should the need arise.

Previously, in a heartfelt disclosure to Bella magazine, Nolan attributed the past separations to personal mistakes, noting Michael’s distinct differences from her previous partners. She hinted at future plans, revealing that following her daughter Ciara’s travel plans with her boyfriend, cohabitation with Michael could be on the horizon.

The beloved TV star brings together a family from her past relationships, including sons Shane and Jake with her former husband, “EastEnders” actor Shane Richie, and daughter Ciara with Ray Fensome.

With her family’s backing, Nolan looks forward to a new chapter with Michael, filled with hope and companionship.

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