Coleen Nolan reveals significant personal loss

Coleen Nolan has opened up about the emotional toll of supporting her eldest son Shane through his split with his Miss Great Britain wife Maddie Wahdan. Coleen, who has experienced infidelity in her own marriage, expressed her feelings about the painful situation, saying, “Obviously Shane’s my son I adore him. And I still adore Maddie. I can sit and talk to Maddie for hours, I’ve been there and done it. But she’s doing great. I mean, she’s Miss GB, she’s beautiful and she’s a great person, and she’s got nothing to worry about. She’ll fly.” Coleen also revealed that she is preparing to move into a new house with her boyfriend Michael Jones, whom she met on Tinder in 2021. Speaking about the upcoming move, she said, “The couple definitely want to continue living together after a successful ‘tester situation’ in their current home.”

Coleen, who divorced her second husband in 2018, discussed the possibility of a third marriage, saying, “I might get engaged, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to walk down the aisle and I know Michael would like to marry me and to be fair to him, it’s probably from insecurity because I’ve finished with him three times since I met him.” She added, “It was all my issues, because of what I’d gone through, so I was pushing him away thinking I couldn’t deal with it. I’ve had therapy, I’ve sorted my life out, and I’m very open to everything he’s providing me emotionally, and it’s fantastic. So let’s not try to fix something that isn’t broken.”

In addition to dealing with her son’s split, Coleen is also coping with personal grief as her daughter Ciara recently left home to go travelling with her boyfriend. She said, “I’m missing my best friend but I’m so proud of them both, it’s such a brilliant thing to do. Selfishly, as her mum, I keep hoping for a text saying, ‘I’ve had enough, I’m coming home,’ and it’s only been a week so far.”

Despite these challenges, Coleen is embracing new beginnings. She is about to embark on a UK-wide solo tour and is determined to live life to the fullest. She said, “When I get to a point where I can’t do anything, what am I going to regret? And one of the main ones was that I’d never sing or perform again, even just once more.” She added, “I’m terrified…but I’m tempted to do it every day…I’m dying of nerves and I haven’t slept for about three months. It’s the unknown, but it’s something that I really, really wanted to do before I die.”

Coleen, who has been a regular on the Loose Women panel since 2000, reflected on her career and the show. She shared that there was a time when she fell out of love with it due to unpleasant people behind the scenes but expressed her love for the current team and the diversity of the show. She also addressed the rumors of feuds, saying, “You don’t see a story about Match Of The Day saying ‘Gary Lineker’s at war with this person or that person’ do you?” She added, “But at the same time, if someone shouts my name, I get really thrilled by it. A stranger coming up to you in the middle of Tesco and going, ‘Oh my God, I love you,’ or, ‘Me and Mum watch you every day,’ is very, very humbling and it makes you realize why you do it.”

Coleen remains down-to-earth despite her fame and joked about being a celebrity, saying, “Celebrities are the people I watch on telly, not me.” She added, “But at the same time, if someone shouts my name, I get really thrilled by it…it makes you realize why you do it.”

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