Coleen Nolan ‘obsessed’ with looking at diamond rings as she teases engagement

Coleen Nolan has expressed her fascination with browsing jewellery shops for diamond rings.

The Loose Women star hinted at a potential third marriage as she admired stacks of stunning rings. She is happily in a relationship with boyfriend Michael Jones, whom she met on dating app Tinder back in 2021. Despite facing challenges and multiple breakups initially, the couple is now happier than ever and recently moved in together.

It seems Coleen may be considering a future with Michael as she made a stop at a jewellers after wrapping up work at ITV. Sharing a video on Instagram offering fans a glimpse into her post-Loose Women life, Coleen visited Westfield shopping centre and revealed she got lost during her last visit and had to rely on a satnav to find her way out.

Visiting a homeware shop first, Coleen browsed the kitchen section and shared with fans her plans to purchase new pots and pans for her upcoming move, mentioning she had been using the same set for about 20 years. She then got distracted by pink colored pans, joking that she needed to consider the male perspective now that she isn’t living alone.

Heading to the jewellers, Coleen addressed the camera, saying: “I am not saying I am getting engaged or married but if I was, I am obsessed with looking at diamond rings. They’re a bit expensive these lot.” She playfully added, “I am not going in,” as she entered the shop.

Fans responded to her hint at a possible marriage, with one asking: “Do your sisters need to buy a hat?” Another remarked: “I’m giggling thinking @michaeljones.64 was filming that as you looked at diamonds…” Someone else commented: “I’m always looking at rings, just need more fingers x.”

Earlier this year, Coleen shared that she is currently living with boyfriend Michael and her ex-husband Ray Fensome. Ray even played guitar for her on a recent tour. In an interview with Women magazine, Coleen mentioned: “While we’ve been rehearsing, Ray’s been staying here because he lives in Leeds and we’re rehearsing near me. It’s so nice to go through everything we went through.” She also shared that Michael and Ray get along well and even went out for dinner, where they were “crying with laughter.”

Despite showing interest in rings, Coleen has made it clear that she has ruled out marrying Michael unless he agrees to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. She discussed this on a recent podcast, saying: “I think Michael would very much like to get married at some point. If it meant a lot to him, maybe I would, but I’d bloody make him sign a great big piece of paper before I did, because I’m not going through that again. I’ve looked into it. 100 per cent. It’s sorted from there and it’s a reference point; no-one thinks they’re going to split up.” She added: “I’ve always been against prenups, because I find them really unromantic and very much like you’re going into it going: ‘Well, it probably won’t work, so sign this.'” Coleen emphasized that her previous divorce experience has made her cautious and she hopes to avoid such difficulties in the future.

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