Coleen Nolan Faces Disappointment as Family History Repeats Itself…

Coleen Nolan, known for her role on Loose Women, is reportedly facing disappointment following the end of her son Shane Nolan’s marriage to Maddie Wahdan, Miss Great Britain. The couple, who had been together for six years, married last summer at Rushton Hall in Kettering, surrounded by loved ones. However, their relationship recently came to an end.

Reports suggest that Shane admitted to an affair, leading to the breakdown of their marriage. Sources close to the family claim that Nolan is particularly upset, as she had grown very fond of Maddie. The situation mirrors a past family experience, referencing the infidelity of Shane’s father, EastEnders star Shane Richie, during his marriage to Nolan.

Coleen Nolan, mother to Jake Roche, 31, Shane Nolan, 35, and Ciara Fensome, 22, was married to Richie, known for his role as Alfie Moon since 2002, from 1990 to 1999. She has openly discussed the impact of Richie’s infidelity on their marriage, expressing in a 2012 interview with the Daily Star that she found peace following their divorce.

Shane Richie has expressed remorse for his past actions, acknowledging in an interview with the Guardian the inexcusability of his behavior, especially as a host of the wedding show ‘Love Me Do’ which advocated for monogamy. “What I did to Coleen was unforgivable and I could never apologise enough,” he stated.

Coleen has since found happiness with her partner Michael Jones, while Richie is married to Christie Goddard, whom he wed in 2007.

As for Shane and Maddie, they are reportedly living separately post-split, with Shane staying in Blackpool near his family, and Maddie in Kent. Shane Jr is focusing on his music career and performances amidst this personal upheaval.

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