Coleen Nolan becomes fourth sister to be diagnosed with cancer

Coleen Nolan, the Loose Women star, disclosed her diagnosis of skin cancer, becoming the fourth Nolan sister to grapple with the illness. The 58-year-old talked about her diagnosis on Monday’s talk show (17 July), expressing her frustration with the recurring cancer diagnoses in her family.

Over time, three of Nolan’s sisters have faced a similar health challenge. In 2013, Bernie Nolan passed away at the age of 52 due to breast cancer. This year, Linda Nolan announced the metastasis of her cancer to her brain.

Anne, another sister, has twice overcome cancer and is presently in remission, although she has previously voiced concerns about a potential recurrence.

Coleen shared with her ITV audience that her skin cancer was discovered unexpectedly during a visit to a dermatologist for an unrelated issue. The doctor diagnosed the spot as a basal cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer, she said.

After reassurances from her doctor that it was a type of cancer that typically doesn’t metastasize but needs treatment, Coleen is currently applying a chemotherapy cream as a primary treatment, with surgery as a backup option if required.

In response to her diagnosis, Coleen confessed her initial reaction was one of incredulous laughter. She felt the situation was ludicrous, and chose initially not to share the news with her family, feeling that her situation was less severe in comparison to her sisters’ experiences.

She also reflected on Linda’s ongoing struggle. Linda disclosed in March that she was preparing to start chemotherapy again, and in the subsequent month moved into their sister Denise’s home in anticipation of the coming challenges.

Following the broadcast, Linda expressed her pride for Coleen via Twitter, praising her for acting on her instincts and seeking a medical check when something seemed amiss. The 64-year-old singer encouraged others to seek medical help if they notice anything unusual, assuring them not to be scared.

In the past, Coleen had contemplated a preventative double mastectomy following Linda and Anne’s breast cancer diagnoses. Additionally, she experienced a breast cancer scare in 2009 while participating in Dancing On Ice, though it was later identified as an infected gland.

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