Claudia Winkleman considers leaving BBC The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman has admitted her reluctance over a new series of The Traitors.

The smash hit BBC series first landed on our screens in 2022 and it developed a huge cult following. When the series returned earlier this year, viewers were left on the edge of their seats as Traitor Harry Clark outwitted his co-stars one by one – including best friend and Faithful Mollie Pearce in the nail-biting final.

Despite the success of the BBC series, host Claudia – who also presents Strictly Come Dancing with Tess Daly – has revealed she is unsure of the show’s future. The host previously admitted to being against more than one series.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain entertainment corespondent Richard Arnold, Claudia admitted she wasn’t keen on filming more than one series of The Traitors. She said: “I was reluctant to do the second, and now I’m extra reluctant to do the third. Like guys, just leave it! It did okay, just leave it.”

“They just say no, the head of the BBC just leant forward and took my temperature.” This isn’t the first time Claudia has aired her skepticism over the show’s future.

She begged BBC bosses to keep the series as a one-off, previously admitting: “I said that’s more than enough. I said let’s stop, because the first series was so overwhelming for us, the fact people liked it and wanted to talk about it.”

“And I thought it was just so perfect, let’s just leave it,” she continued. “Isn’t that rather lovely?” Claudia admitted thinking about the idea of not doing a second season – but luckily the BBC ignored the host’s pleas and carried on.

“The BBC were like, ‘No, what’s the matter with you?!'” she added. The Traitors will return for a third season likely next year and applications to go on the show have now closed.

In the second series, Harry tricked all of his fellow housemates and walked away with £95,150. In a heart-wrenching moment, Mollie wrote down Harry’s name before changing her mind and subsequently realizing too late that she had been lied to by her closest friend in the game.

Speaking about the betrayal, Mollie said at the time: “I just called him a name and then we had a big hug. I think in that moment, you’ve got to just laugh about it, to be honest. I just said to him ‘Fair play.'”

She added” |We saw each other pretty soon after and he promised me a holiday, so I’m pretty happy with that,” she said. “But no, we’re fine. I mean, it was a game at the end of the day, we all signed up for it. You know, you go in there with a chance of getting hurt. So yeah, no, it’s all good vibes here.”

The final saw 6.9million viewers tune in, with an average of 5.5million. Series one resulted in Faithful’s Aaron Evans, Meryl Williams and Hannah Byczkowski, successfully sussing out the Traitors, split the £101,050 prize pot between them.

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