Cheryl Fergison on Her Health Concerns

Former EastEnders cast member Cheryl Fergison has provided an update following her recent hospitalization over the bank holiday weekend.

The actor, 58 – known for her role as Heather Trott on the BBC show – shared on Instagram that she had been in “complete agony” and had to go to A&E due to a health issue. A statement released on her behalf on Monday expressed gratitude to the hospital staff for their care during her time there.

In the statement, Cheryl said, “I was treated for an infection with six hourly antibiotics IV drips and at times was in complete agony. I’m glad to say the infection is subsiding and I am now I am home and on the road to recovery. My family have been by my side throughout this whole ordeal.”

Reflecting on her prolonged health struggles, Cheryl mentioned, “I have been ‘in and out of hospital’ for almost a decade due to ‘some serious health conditions’ and noted the strain on the healthcare system. She emphasized the need for more support and funding for the NHS.

Expressing concern about the challenges faced by healthcare workers, Cheryl highlighted the issues within the system and called for reforms, saying, “I really do think that the system needs a shake up and a spotlight needs to be put over the amazing people that really keep this country going while also struggling with their work load and day to day due to the lack of funding.”

She concluded by expressing her gratitude and looking ahead to returning to her career commitments and supporting her son’s book launch.

Cheryl also posted a video message during her hospital stay, acknowledging the hard work of NHS staff and recognizing the shortcomings of the healthcare system.

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