Captain Tom: Family Faces Hard Questions

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family has openly expressed their “regret” concerning the construction of a plush spa and pool complex at their £1.2 million residence.

This evening, TalkTV’s Piers Morgan confronts Hannah Ingram-Moore, daughter of the late centenarian Captain Tom, along with her husband Colin Ingram and their children, Benji and Georgia. The revered Captain Tom captured the nation’s heart, raising a staggering sum for the NHS during the lockdown by committedly walking in his garden.

Yet, after his passing in February 2021, controversies have surrounded his family. The Captain Tom Foundation charity’s monetary operations have notably been questioned, prompting the Charity Commission to initiate a review in February 2022.

In a significant move, Central Bedfordshire Council’s planning division mandated the removal of an unsanctioned spa pool block at Hannah’s property, leading the foundation to suspend its fundraising.

During their discussion with Piers Morgan, the controversial structure is showcased, especially given that the Captain Tom Foundation’s title was referenced during its planning application. A snippet shared on Wednesday, previewing the full Thursday interview, highlighted the family’s revelation of the alarming death threats they’ve encountered. Hannah confided, “There is a forum… they were all discussing how they were going to come and kill us all,” with Colin acknowledging, “We should have done it in a different way.”

On probing the issue of the spa, Piers inquired, “Why are you reluctant to get rid of it?”, stressing, “I’ve asked this a few times now… I’ll give you one last chance.” Discussing the family’s financial matters, Piers queried: “Neither of you have ever made any money directly from the Foundation for personal gain?” Colin’s response was unequivocal: “Not a penny.”

As reported by The Sun, Hannah admitted, “We have to accept that we made a decision, and it was probably the wrong one.” Colin reiterated their sentiments, saying, “Without any doubt, and we’ve suffered.”

While the family is appealing against the spa’s demolition, they assert that they bore its costs. Hannah reportedly confirmed that they retained the earnings from three books penned by her father. She shared with Piers that her father intended for the book profits, approximated at £800,000, to remain within Club Nook Ltd, a company distinct from the Captain Tom Foundation. She shared with Piers, “These were my father’s books, and it was honestly such a joy for him to write them, but they were his books. He had an agent and they worked on that deal, and his wishes were that that money would sit in Club Nook.” When Morgan questioned if the intent was “for you to keep?”, Hannah confirmed, “yes.”

They clarified to TalkTV that there was no implication that book buyers believed they were contributing to a charitable cause. Captain Sir Tom Moore was knighted in July 2020, an accolade bestowed in acknowledgment of his extraordinary fundraising feats.

Furthermore, Hannah disclosed to TalkTV her £18,000 compensation for participating in the Virgin Media O2 Captain Tom Foundation Connector Awards in 2021. This was over her remuneration as the foundation’s CEO. Of this amount, she retained £16,000 and generously donated £2,000 to the Captain Tom Foundation.

Last year, the Charity Commission commenced a probe into the foundation after pinpointing potential management concerns and the charity’s independence from Captain Tom’s kin. The foundation’s recently released accounts revealed that between August 2021 and April 2022, Ms Ingram-Moore garnered a salary of £63,750 as the interim CEO, approved up to an annual figure of £85,000 by the Charity Commission. Additionally, she acquired £7,602 for travel and administrative expenses from June 2021 to November 2022.

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