Huw Edwards Named by Wife as BBC Star in Explicit Photo Controversy

Today, Huw Edwards’ wife identified him as the BBC personality involved in the accusations of paying £35,000 to an at-risk teenager for explicit images. This announcement was made shortly after Scotland Yard ceased their investigation into the allegations.

In a startling revelation, Vicky Flind, also a TV professional, shared that her husband, aged 61, has been grappling with severe mental health problems since the allegations appeared in The Sun on July 6. Edwards was last seen on television on July 5 during the King’s visit to Scotland.

She further informed that Edwards, father to five, is presently under hospital care and will continue to stay there for an undetermined duration. Flind asked for privacy for her family, saying her primary motivation was concern for her husband’s mental state and safeguarding their children.

Flind stated, “Huw deeply regrets that his colleagues have been affected by the recent media frenzy. We hope this statement will put an end to it. Once he’s in a better health state, he plans to address the published stories.”

Her statement was issued at 6 pm, leading to a brief period of confusion when the BBC initially reported that Edwards, who had recently anchored coverage of the Queen’s death and King Charles’ Coronation, had resigned from his top newsreader position. However, the BBC soon corrected the statement, clarifying that he had not resigned. Close sources have since emphasized that he has not left his job, which pays him up to £439,999 annually.

Edwards has been accused of transferring money to a teenager in exchange for sexual images over a three-year period, beginning when the teenager was 17. It is alleged that the teen used this money to support a crack cocaine addiction.

Both the Metropolitan Police and South Wales Police stated this evening that Edwards did not commit a criminal offence in this situation. The BBC had previously suspended its internal investigation into the allegations that Edwards had paid the teenager for explicit images, but it will now continue.

Since then, three more young people have accused the broadcaster. One individual alleges that he broke lockdown rules to meet with them, another reports receiving messages filled with hearts and kisses when they were 17, and a third person accuses him of sending intimidating messages following their encounter on a dating app.

Moreover, after his identity was revealed, a current BBC employee claimed that they had received suggestive messages from Edwards on social media earlier this year. Newsnight also reported that another current and a former BBC employee stated they had received inappropriate social media messages that made them feel uneasy.

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BBC Newsnight reveals fresh allegations against Huw Edwards