BBC Newsnight reveals fresh allegations against Huw Edwards

New allegations emerged last night on the BBC against Huw Edwards, as staff members alleged that he sent them ‘inappropriate and flirtatious messages’.

Edwards was identified yesterday by his wife, Vicky Flind, as the presenter alleged to have paid a ‘vulnerable’ teenager £35,000 in exchange for explicit photos.

A current BBC employee reported to Newsnight that they were approached on social media by Edwards and that his messages – commenting on their looks and seeming flirtatious – left them unsettled and uncomfortable.

They further stated: ‘There is a power dynamic that makes this inappropriate.’

Another BBC employee reported that Edwards had also sent them a personal message on social media which made comments about their appearance, giving them a ‘cold shudder’.

A former BBC staffer – who had never interacted with Edwards – alleged receiving late-night messages from him, ending with kisses. They perceived this as an ‘abuse of power’.

Edwards is now facing new accusations of inappropriate conduct from his BBC colleagues, with one stating, ‘they felt it was an abuse of power’.

These allegations came just hours after his wife Vicky Flind named him as the BBC presenter involved in allegations over payments for sexually explicit images.

Two out of the three individuals making the allegations reported that they did not feel they could bring their claims of inappropriate behaviour to BBC management.

Responding to the situation, a BBC spokesman stated: ‘We are communicating with staff and will continue to do so. We always treat the concerns of staff with care, and would always urge any staff members to speak to us if they have any concerns.

‘We have clear processes for making complaints within the organisation, including whistleblowing procedures should someone wish to do so anonymously.’

Amidst these allegations, the Met Police confirmed that they were not investigating Edwards for any criminal activity.

His wife, who is also a newsreader, stated he is ‘now receiving in-patient hospital care where he will stay for the foreseeable future’.

Last night, BBC Newsnight host Victoria Derbyshire spoke to an individual who previously worked at the organisation.

‘This person told me they had never met the newsreader, this person said that they had received late night messages on social media including kisses from Huw Edwards, which they said they believed was an abuse of power.’

Derbyshire added that a colleague had spoken to a current staffer who said that ‘the presenter had sent them a message on social media commenting on their physical appearance, which gave them a ‘cold shudder’.

BBC News Special Correspondent Lucy Manning commented: ‘There are questions for BBC bosses about the culture in the newsroom and the way that complaints can be raised and the way people feel comfortable or not to raise them.’

Two of the three individuals expressed that they felt unable to report what they perceived as inappropriate behaviour to BBC management, Manning reported.

She further stated: ‘It’s been a very difficult day here in the BBC newsroom, some of the things we have had to report have been hard to hear.

‘The police have found no evidence of criminality but there is still a lot for the BBC to grapple with.’

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