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Australian man and his dog rescued after 2 months lost at sea

According to a doctor, an Australian sailor who endured two months in the Pacific Ocean, sustaining himself with raw fish and rainwater, is reported to be in a “stable and excellent” condition.

Tim Shaddock, a 51-year-old resident of Sydney, embarked on a journey from Mexico to French Polynesia with his dog Bella in April. Unfortunately, their boat suffered damage from a storm a few weeks later.

This week, a trawler spotted them after a helicopter located their position, leading to their rescue.

The doctor on board the tuna trawler informed Australia’s 9News that the sailor exhibited “normal vital signs.”

Originating from La Paz, Mexico, Mr. Shaddock embarked on a challenging voyage spanning over 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles). However, adverse weather conditions resulted in the loss of electronic equipment, leaving him and his dog adrift in the vast and unforgiving waters of the North Pacific Ocean.

Upon their discovery off the coast of Mexico after two months, Mr. Shaddock appeared noticeably leaner with an overgrown beard.

In a video obtained by 9News, he shared, “I have endured an incredibly arduous ordeal at sea. At the moment, I require rest and nourishing food as I have been alone at sea for an extended period. Nevertheless, my overall health is excellent.”

Mr. Shaddock credited fishing gear for aiding his survival, and he managed to evade sunburn by seeking refuge beneath the canopy of his boat.

Shortly after his rescue, he was observed smiling while wearing a blood pressure monitor on his arm. He is currently capable of consuming small meals.

The tuna trawler is now en route back to Mexico, where Mr. Shaddock will undergo medical examinations and receive further treatment if necessary.

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